The book can be used as an intensifying material for short-run classes with 60 ~ 80 studying hours, or used by language training classes with fewer weekly study- ing hours, or as self-teaching material. This book aims to teach a basic knowledge of Chinese pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary to beginners of the language through day-to-day sentences, so as to speedily and efficiently integrate them into the world of learning Chinese. It has the following features: To act as an effective guide to learn Chinese pro- nunciation and pinyin. To enhance students reading, writing and recogni- tion of simplified Chinese characters. To introduce over 260 commonly used, basic Chi- nese vocabulary words, plus nearly 80 grammatical structures. Interesting texts accompanied by lively illustrations, ensure that students find learning Chinese fun. For the convenience of both teachers and students, the explanations and notes are provided in English. Accompanied by listening materials in MP3 format.


  • $300.00